Carcoon Airflow Systems

Indoor EVO Carcoon

The EVO model is probably the most versatile Carcoon of all, this model comprises of a base mat and a separate top cover. Simply drive the car onto the base mat and place the top cover over the car connect the zipper and plug in the 12 volt power supply. The beauty of the EVO Carcoon is that it can be accessed from any side meaning if your car is located away from the garage door meaning you do not have direct access to drive straight on to the base, this model is ideal. This model can also be custom made to accommodate any size vehicle including extra tall vehicles, even reduced height units can be custom made.


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Indoor EVO Carcoon 'Coded'

The indoor ‘Coded’ model works just like the indoor clear EVO, as this model is none see through the ‘Coded Carcoon’ offers a little extra security where needed.

Indoor Veloce Carcoon

Development of the Veloce Carcoon was largely customer led , our customers told us that they love the protection offered by the Carcoon and could not possibly manage without it, however they also told us that they would like to have quick access to the vehicle, allowing more frequent use. Other enthusiastic owners wanted access to the car for all those little cleaning, detailing and small maintenance jobs without having to remove the car from its protective environment. The Veloce Carcoon provides all this and more, you can drive in or out of the new Veloce Carcoon within seconds. Three opening sides provide all round access into the Carcoon environment providing enough space to fully open all the car doors (even four door cars) making detailing and polishing within the clean dry dust free Carcoon environment a real pleasure. The new Veloce Carcoon continues to use the patented Active Airflow concept including the use of Activated Carbon filters on the interior airflow circulation.

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Double Skin Outdoor Carcoon

The outdoor environment is quite obviously considerably more challenging than the in garage environment, effective outdoor protection must offer something extra special regarding insulation from both high and low outdoor temperature extremes. When the sun shines Ultra Violet and infra red protection is needed, when the weathers wet the enclosure must be water tight, when the temperature falls the enclosed vehicle must be protected from the cold. Furthermore and essential to good outdoor protection, the vehicle must be protected from THE Dewpoint and this can only be achieved by providing a well insulated completely encapsulating enclosure with its own internal airflow. A single skin outdoor car cover cannot provide anywhere near the level of protection required to insulate the vehicle from the constantly changing and sometimes hostile outdoor environment.

After introducing the indoor Carcoon airflow system (single skin) just over seventeen years ago our customers soon demanded a similar system that could be used outdoors. The development of the Outdoor Carcoon took over four years of testing and development in both hot and cold climates. Effectively the outdoor Carcoon is a ‘bubble within a bubble’. The base of the outdoor Carcoon is made up of three laminates with insulation material sandwiched between two layers of heavy duty PVC, essentially this protects the vehicle from the extremely cold winter ground temperatures and is essential to maintain interior temperature stability. The top cover of the Carcoon uses an insulating ‘air gap’ between each outer skin, this also provides essential protection from both high and low temperature extremes. Ultra Violet light can cause rapid deterioration effecting paint, rubber seals, interior trim not to mention possible tyre degradation. Therefore it follows that the material of the outdoor Carcoon must keep the storage environment protected from damaging Ultra Violet light. The outdoor Carcoon uses a special alloy coated polyester material that actually reflects Ultra Violet, essential protecting both the material itself and of course protecting the enclosed vehicle. Remember the outdoor Carcoon uses TWO protective layers of this special material delivering second to none UV PROTECTION and temperature stability.

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