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Finally got 2 Veloce's up and running and they work great!  Seems like a lot of my friends in Hong Kong are interested in Carcoons now after viewing my video. Kevin Tse


I hope all is well at Carcoon. My Carcoon seems to have coped with the winter here in Ireland very well, especially when you bear in mind it has been raining for four months with several power cuts. One week it only rained twice. Once for two days and once for four! Thank you for your prompt and comprehensive reply. Of course - it all makes sense, but it's good to get such an in-depth level of customer support. Well done. I have no doubt now that the car stayed dry over the winter - there are none of the condensation marks on the metal bits that were most evident last spring. I shall continue promote your Carcoon as THE way to protect a car in an unheated garage. Best wishes, Regards, Tony Hunt

Well, last night I installed the Veloce Carcoon in my garage. I am mighty impressed with it!

Thanks very much, have just ordered it - now my 3rd carcoon product - very impressive products and service. Thanks Keith Gardner

I have the Bike Bubble set up in Dubai now, and it seems to be coping with the temperatures very well. Regards

I am pleased to say that the Carcoon arrived yesterday afternoon and I assembled everything with no problem. I noticed also that you had included new filters and a wire which is very much appreciated. As a very long standing customer (my first Carcoon was some 18 plus years ago in Hong Kong), may I thank you and your team for your excellent and speedy service and wish you all a very cold and Happy Christmas. Best regards, David

We recived our Carcoon early this morning and its perfect, the Ferrari is now sat inside it, so thank you very much, pleasure doing business with you. Sandie

Just to let you know the Carcoon arrived. It has been up for a couple of weeks now, outside, through rain and cold and gales. Does a great job, and the quality seems very good indeed. Quite impressed. Hi, Just felt I had to email and say how pleased I am with the Carcoon product I purchased last year. I've just taken my Lotus Elise out of the outside Carcoon for the first time since last October, after a full Scottish winter, and it is as it was when I put it away. I'm absolutely astounded that there is virtually no wooliness on the brakes, there is no sign of any dampness or even a slightly damp smell inside - and the Elise isn't the most moisture resistant vehicle in the first place! It started easily and is running like it was never stored at all. I have left my regular everyday car for a week before and it's felt more unused than my Elise feels after six months in a Carcoon. Excellent product. Thank you very much. Scott McIntyre

Thank you both very much for the Carcoon. It was well packaged and arrived relatively quickly after you sent me the DHL tracker code. I want to let you both know im very happy with the Carcoon. It is perfect, very durable material and noise free. The battery charger is ideal and in all it is the best option i could imagine. It is expensive but worth every penny. Also, it saves me the costs of garage rent, around 90 pounds every month. So it quickly earns back its money :) Sifra

I would just like to say thank you to Carcoon for your excellent storage product. I own a concourse winning Ford Escort RS Turbo S1 which was put into storage in 2002 inside an original style carcoon. My plan was to keep the car inside for the winter months and show it again the next year, however due to unforseen circumstances this never happened and the car was left inside the carcoon untouched until yesterday, 8 years later. The car was removed and all I can say is it is as good now as it was all them years ago. The carcoon looks a bit worse for wear covered in dust. My only concern is the foam pads have become unusable as the foam has broken down and become brittle, are these still available??. I am involved with a number of car clubs and internet forums and I have posted on these how good the carcoon has been for storage. There has been a lot of people waiting to see the results of the cars condition and thankfully they are fantastic. So well done to Carcoon. Thanks Paul

Hi George, It was really nice to meet you all last week and chat about racing classics more than 35yrs yrs ago, I’ve no idea where all those years went. Anyway, the bubble fits the bike and the space I’d allocated a treat and have to say it’s a well made superb bit of kit and will recommend it to anyone that’ll listen. The bike was absolutely soaked with condensation when I initially put it in on Sat, I left the vent open until Monday and that was that, all bone dry & sealed up, it’s exactly what I was looking for. One question, I assume it fine to have the battery/fan power pack inside too. The other thing I've used it for is I took all of my power tools indoors for the weekend to dry and now they're all sitting in the bottom of the bubble too. Best Regards, Chris

I bought the Carcoon Workstation to stay compliant with the new EPA Regulations. It's easy to use and inflated in less than a couple of minutes. I am able to complete an extra 2 to 3 jobs per day. Works great for painting hoods and bigger jobs that I normally wouldn't do outside. I highly recommend the Carcoon Workstation to every mobile repair technician. FITZGERALDS AUTO PAINT // OWNER CHRIS FITZGERALD

Downtown Autobody has had the privilege or using the CCS Workstation since this past summer. The main advantage for us is the portability of the spray booth. Since the hail storms of April and May we have probably run between 300 and 400 vehicles through the booth. I know of no other product on the market that serves this purpose. The CCS Workstation developed by Carcoon has met and exceeded our expectations. DOWNTOWN AUTOBODY // OWNER DAVID W CLARK

After six weeks of using our first Carcoon Workstation we decided to buy a second to use as a prep station within our main bodyshop. COX MOTOR BODIES. UK. //

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