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Carcoon Server Shield

Think "Server Shield" before endorsing any building work near your machines.

Another unique product from Carcoon is our Server Shield. Mainframe computers must be protected from dust and moisture at all times. This means that any building, refurbishment or even redecoration work taking place near the mainframe can become problematic. Information stored on these machines is extremely sensitive and can be worth hundreds of thousands to the business concerned. Carcoon were recently consulted by one of the UK's most well-known banks, requesting help in finding a solution to a serious problem. Building work taking place within the branch had allowed fine particles of airborne dust to find their way into the mainframe server. The result was nothing short of a disaster. In fact, the hard drives in the main server were effectively "ground clean". Multi-platter hard drives used in these machines spin at around 15,000 RPM, transferring up to 125 MB/second and could be destroyed in the blink of an eye!

The creation of the Server Shield provides an ideal solution to the problem, effectively placing the machine in a super-clean mini-environment. Four small ventilator/filter units provide a clean, ventilating airflow, keeping the machine temperature stable and more importantly, clean and dry. The cover simply drops over the machine and forms a semi airlock/seal as it rests on the floor around the machine. The machine requires no modifications whatsoever and continues to work as originally designed, taking air through the body of the machine and exhausting around the top rim. A small, independently powered, digital readout is fixed to the cover, showing the working temperature of the machine within the cover. Openings in the cover are provided to allow quick and easy access to the machine without having to remove the cover.

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