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Carcoon is the ultimate automobile storage system designed to protect your precious investment. With its unique, patented “active airflow” process and other advanced features, Carcoon sets a new standard in car care.

The original Carcoon was designed and produced by George Page in the mid 1990’s to help combat problematic areas encountered in automobile storage at his Classic Car restoration business in the United Kingdom. Today, Carcoon is the clear market leader in car storage systems in the UK and is rapidly gaining praise and acceptance from American car collectors.

The Product

The unique 'active airflow' system (worldwide patent), comprises of two air treatment units which operate continuously to provide super-atmospheric, circulating airflow for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Importantly, the circulating air is taken from inside the storage unit itself, which effectively isolates the flow of air from the outside environment. With a running cost of approximately 2 pence per day, who can’t afford that kind of protection?

The Carcoon is very simple to use, all you need to do is cover the garage floor with the base mat provided; park your car on the mat, place the top cover over the car and fasten it to the base using the special zipper. Plug in the power supply, and five minutes later, your car is stored in its own protected environment, with nothing touching or resting on any part of the car. The Carcoon also comes with an 'intelligent' battery management system that powers the Carcoon and maintains the battery of the stored vehicle in optimum condition.

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We are the official manufacturers and distributors of the carcoon, bikebubble, workstation and servershield product ranges.

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