Carcoon JetCell is designed to provide a secure and humidity controlled storage environment within any hanger regardless of location. This fully automatic and controlled system allows long periods of virtually maintenance free storage whilst achieving humidity levels essential to halt corrosion and deterioration of electrical components and composites.

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The Problem

  • Ambient Moisture Causes Corrosion.
  • Ambient Pollution Increase Corrosion.
  • Sealed Covers Can Trap Moisture.
  • Desiccant Covers Require Constant Maintenance.
  • Tight Fitting Covers Restrict Air Circulation.
  • Crevice Corrosion Is A Real Problem.
  • Electrical Equipment And Connections Can Corrode or Fail Completely.

The Solution

Humidity Controlled Enclosure

The Carcoon JetCell is a Fully Mobile Storage Solution, where internal moisture levels can be maintained as low as 29%. In reality around 40% humidity virtually eliminates corrosion and associated oxidation problems. Moisture levels in the low 30s will considerably reduce problems associated with hydroscopic issues associated with hydraulic fluids.

Good internal Air Movement generated within the JetCell will remove trapped moisture from even the most remote areas within and around the engine. Internal Air Driers continually exhaust excess moisture from within the storage environment, without the need to replace desiccant packs or drain internal water tanks. The JetCell provides virtual maintenance free protective storage for both short or longer storage periods. Airlock access is provided to allow simple maintenance or inspection records to be kept without disturbing the protective environment.

Proven Performance

The Carcoon JetCell is a professional piece of equipment designed to provide a ideal cost effective solution for the problems associated with engine storage.Promote your brand and show the world a new level of professionalism whilst at the same time reducing costs. There is also an option to fit internal telemetry to monitor your engines anywhere in the world. Protect your equipment, promote your brand and save money.

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