All Carcoon ‘protective airflow systems’ including the Traditional ‘EVO’ Veloce, BikeBubble, JetCell and HeliCell, all use Carcoons patented triple filtered Active Airflow. Active Airflow is a unique system exclusively used and developed by Carcoon to allow continual interior air circulation whilst most importantly improving air quality via Activated Carbon filters used under super atmospheric pressure. The advantages of Active Airflow are several, however the important advantages are reduced ambient flow (most important) and reduced odors such as oil and fuel vapors and contaminates from within the exhaust system. Air movement within the storage environment also helps eliminate dead (still) air pockets within the protective environment even in all those shielded places in and around the vehicle.


We have the Carcoon EVO, including BikeBubble, this is our traditional clear bubble type cover. The EVO comprises of a Base Mat and a Separate top cover, when top and base are connected a mini protective environment is created. An alternative indoor (Best Seller) is the Veloce Carcoon. The Veloce model uses a steel tubular frame to create a simple drive in/out Carcoon, when the access is closed, again a mini protective environment is created.


Outdoor storage requires a more robust solution due to the ravages of the ambient conditions, wind- rain and Ice throughout the winter months can cause real damage and of course Ultra Violet and Infra-red during the summer months is something more to consider.

Similar to the indoor EVO Carcoon the Outdoor model uses a base mat and a completely separate top cover. However to cope with the outdoor environment this model uses a double skin insulated base mat and a double skin one piece top cover. When connected to the base this outdoor unit essentially forms ‘A Bubble within A Bubble’, importantly the double skin top cover arrangement provides an insulating airgap between the two layers. During the winter, ice and condensation will form on the outer cover, however the inner layer/skin forming the protective environment within will remain dry and ice free. During the summer the inner layer and of course the vehicle stored within will be protected from direct sun light with the additional benefit of reducing internal temperatures.

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