Veloce Carcoon

The Veloce Carcoon has been designed for indoor use and also allows for simple drive in/out access. This model uses a tubular steel frame which provides vehicle access to the rear and excellent access along both sides of the vehicle. The Veloce model is ideal for the more frequent user and also the enthusiast who needs access for detailing or maintenance.

Development of the Veloce Carcoon was largely customer led. Our customers told us that they loved the protection offered by their Carcoon and how they could not possibly manage without it. However, they also told us that they would like to have quick access to the vehicle, allowing more frequent use. Other enthusiastic owners wanted access to the car for all the little cleaning, detailing and small maintenance jobs without having to remove the car from its protective environment. The Veloce Carcoon provides all that and more. You can drive in or out of the new Veloce Carcoon within seconds. Three opening sides provide all-round access into the Carcoon environment, providing enough space to fully open all the car doors (even four door cars). This makes detailing and polishing within the clean, dry and dust-free Carcoon environment a real pleasure. The new Veloce Carcoon continues to use the patented Active Airflow concept, including the use of Activated Carbon filters on the interior airflow circulation.

Available Sizes

Dimensions given below are in order of: length, width, height in cm.

Indoor Veloce Carcoon (Extra Small)

400 × 200 × 170 cm

Indoor Veloce Carcoon (Small)

433 × 230 cm

Indoor Veloce Carcoon (Medium)

488 × 230 × 170 cm

Indoor Veloce Carcoon (Large)

538 × 230 × 170 cm

Indoor Veloce Carcoon (Extra Large)

638 × 230 × 170 cm

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