The Carcoon Workstation was specifically developed to bring the SMART or Mobile repairer in line with current environment legislation.

Most people in the industry will be aware that protecting the environment is a legal requirement, particularly when using hazardous paints and materials commonly used in Automotive Repairs. In many countries around the world the EPA (environment protection agency) are rigorously enforcing legislation.

Some years ago, Carcoon were commissioned to design a solution to enable the SMART and mobile repairer to both improve personal health and safety whilst working on location. An important feature of the design would focus on environment protection in line with existing EPA Regulations.

The Carcoon Workstation is a PATENTED ORIGINAL CONCEPT now widely and illegally copied but never equalled. Genuine Carcoon Workstations are used by some of the biggest names in the industry. Repairers are now in a position to work safely whilst protecting the environment and achieving the highest standards of workmanship regardless of location.

This Model 2 Carcoon Workstation represents further development of a proven system. The sealed and welded construction allows the Workstation to remain free standing with no requirement to continually power pumps. Importantly this means even in the event of a total power failure there is no danger of rapid deflation onto the newly painted vehicle, i.e. no loss of pressure within the structure. The strength of this latest Model 2 Carcoon Workstation when erected is impressive and clearly demonstrates the quality of both materials, construction and design.

All Workstations are supplied complete and ready for work, service items such as:

  • Filters
  • Interior Base Mats
  • Zippers
  • Doors
  • Roof panels

… are all available.

A broken or damaged zipper literally takes less than five minutes to replace. Windows, doors, interior base mats, arrest and inflow filters are all
easily replaced, even the roof is replaceable in the event of any damage.

The Carcoon Workstation has many unique design features and with a little regular maintenance will provide years of service.

The Carcoon Workstation is a quality British Designed Product Patented and design registered in major markets around the world.

Please do not confuse the original Carcoon Workstation with illegal copies produced by Bouncy Castle Manufacturers or others purporting to have invented the concept of portable booths.

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