Carcoon Free Standing Workstation

Mobile, on-site repairs can now be carried out to the same high standard as in the fully equipped, traditional bodyshop. One more patented concept from the award winning Carcoon Company. The new mobile Workstation is specifically designed to meet new and proposed legislation being introduced to protect the environment from damaging emissions; in particular, emissions of traditional materials commonly used in the repair of motor vehicles, for example paints, solvents, cleaners, fillers etc. The new Workstation is effectively a fully functioning, mobile paint-booth using a 2,800 CFM air supply unit and industry-standard filter media both on the input and the exhaust. In fact, these are the very same input and exhaust filters employed in the more conventional paint-booths and ovens used in the motor trade, in this case with the addition of Activated Carbon filters on the final exhaust. This all-new concept uses three, super-atmospheric chambers that provide outstanding functionality and a ventilating airflow throughout the system.

Drive-in Workstation

Our latest drive-in Workstation is designed for the busier mobile repairer or, for that matter, the smaller bodyshop/restorer. Small to medium-size repairs can now be completed on location and to a very high standard, thanks to a properly controlled, working environment. Importantly, mobile repairers must be seen exercising their legal ‘duty of care’ to both the public and the environment, otherwise they may fall foul of environmental legislation now being policed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

The Carcoon Workshop uses large input filters supplying a continuous, ventilating flow throughout the working environment. This clean airflow both helps protect the operator and provides the right environment for dust-free, quality work. A pressurized ‘Airlock Access’ also ensures that no contaminates from within the working environment can escape when entering or leaving the Workstation. Massive 6.5 square meters of ‘double layer’, paint-arresting filters will trap any contaminates as the air exits the working environment. Two additional, Activated Carbon filters are used within two stabilizing exhaust chambers before flowing back to the ambient atmosphere.

All filters within the workstation are industry standard and fully serviceable, taking only minutes to replace them. Final flow ozone filters use special Activated Carbon, suspended in polyurethane foam. As all workshops are custom manufactured, we can make the ideal size to suit your particular speciality, just ask. The mobile Workshop will have many different applications, from SMART repair applications, right through to temporary, ‘clean room’ applications and more.

Be one of the first mobile repairers to work in a clean and safe environment whilst also demonstrating to the wider public that your business is environmentally aware. Carcoon’s new mobile workshop is the only product currently available that provides both a clean and well-ventilated mini-environment for work, whilst also protecting the environment from unnecessary pollution.


How the Mobile Workstation works

Chamber number one provides easy access to a personnel airlock, whilst also protecting the main work area/chamber from outside contamination. Furthermore, it protects the ambient environment from contamination coming from within the work chamber. This unique airlock arrangement also protects the inner face of the large input filters by keeping them well protected within the chamber, regardless of the weather and ambient conditions. A third chamber at the extraction end of the Workstation also protects the massive exhaust filters and maximizes their efficiency whilst providing unrestricted airflow throughout the working environment. This third chamber is designed to maximize collection of airborne particulates, including paint and dust, before finally flowing through activated carbon filters and returning back to the atmosphere. This unrestricted arrangement of filters provides a large, open face on both sides of the filter for maximum efficiency and for a ventilating airflow throughout the entire unit.

Designed for all weather conditions

These high-performance filters lie well-protected within the chamber. This means that the unit can be used regardless of the weather: rain or shine, you remain cocooned within the chamber. The system is designed to provide the best working conditions for the SMART repairer, whilst importantly protecting both the health and the safety of the operative and most importantly protecting the environment for future generations. The entire system is powered using a small, all-weather, 220 Volt air supply unit. Initial setup takes no more than ten minutes and provides the ideal working environment for all those small to medium-sized paint jobs.

Of course, the Workshop is also ideal for windscreen replacement, advertising wrap and vinyl sticker application and much more. These units also make fantastic billboards and can be printed with almost anything on them, from company logos to company names, brands or messages etc. This provides you with a cost-effective way to promote your business and earn money at the same time. A billboard the size of this Workshop would cost a fortune each and every month, when you could be promoting your business all year round for just a single, one-off printing cost. We are currently making Workstations to order with an average lead-time of six weeks from the date of confirmed order and a small deposit. We also offer a full backup service, including replacement service for items such as filters etc; we also have full repair facilities at our factory here in Manchester, where the Workstation is made to order.

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