Carcoon Modular Workstation

The Carcoon Modular Workstation is a crossflow ventilated, mobile work/paint shop, designed to help the S.M.A.R.T repairer comply with health, safety and environmental protection regulations. It is designed to improve working conditions and productivity.

The Carcoon Workshop uses a three-stage filter process. Initially, air is filtered as it enters the work chamber, providing a well-ventilated, clean, dust-free environment. Then, the horizontal airflow passing through the chamber collects the contaminate matter created within, such as paint overspray, dust, etc. It traps the contaminating particles in a massive extraction filter before flowing through a third layer of ozone filters, and finally exhausting back into the atmosphere.

As the majority of Carcoon Workshops will be individually branded, all Workshops are made to order with an average lead time of around 6 to 8 weeks. Branding the Workshop to promote your service, business or brand message may be the best, cost-effective promotion you will ever have to do. A one-off printing cost will give you years of promotion each and every time you setup. See the promotional map for branding opportunities and print costs.

Of course, the Workshop is also ideal for windscreen replacement, advertising wrap and vinyl sticker application and much more. These units also make fantastic billboards and can be printed with almost anything on them, from company logos to company names, brands or messages etc. This provides you with a cost-effective way to promote your business and earn money at the same time. A billboard the size of this Workshop would cost a fortune each and every month, when you could be promoting your business all year round for just a single, one-off printing cost. We are currently making Workstations to order with an average lead time of six weeks from the date of confirmed order and a small deposit. We also offer a full backup service, including replacement service for items such as filters etc; we also have full repair facilities at our factory here in Manchester, where the Workstation is made to order.

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