Carcoon Power and Charge Unit


The ‘Carcoon Power and Charge Unit’ can guarantee 100% battery reliability when you need it most, without having to disconnect or remove the battery from the vehicle. The ‘Carcoon Power and Charge Unit’ features an advanced, ‘intelligent’ battery management facility, which constantly maintains the battery in optimum condition, even over a very long period. It protects and maintains vehicle computer memories, sophisticated electronic control units, audio systems and even alarms.

The ‘intelligent’ system assesses the size and condition of the battery, and then sets a unique programme to steadily restore the battery to peak condition while also supporting all the vehicle’s electronic devices. The system can be left connected indefinitely and cause no harm to the battery. Quite the opposite: it will improve the battery’s life. The ‘Carcoon Power and Charge System’ is supplied with every Carcoon and Bike Bubble.



Availability: If in stock, estimated within 2-3 days.

Note: If not in stock, your order will be placed on waiting list.

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