Outdoor Bikebubble

The Bike Bubble is the ultimate storage solution for your cherished machine, be it a super bike or a classic one. It has a unique, “active airflow” process and other advanced features that have set a new standard in motorcycle care. The Bike Bubble is constructed of a lightweight but highly durable plastic, which is inflated to form a protective “bubble” around your precious machine. Bike Bubble also provides battery backup in the event of main power failure, enabling the Bike Bubble to run for several days without a main power supply, if necessary. Once power has been restored, the “intelligent” system automatically takes over and immediately starts to optimize the battery. The unit is designed to be permanently connected for long periods and will double the life of the average battery. With a running cost of approximately 1 penny per day, who can’t afford that kind of protection?

How the Bikebubble works

Bikebubble creates a protective, mini-environment around the bike. Within the storage environment, air is continuously re-circulated using Activated Carbon filters. The result of this inner circulation means that the bike is effectively stored in its own ‘clean room’ and is protected from the elements during the damp winter months. We have two sizes of Bikebubble available with two colour options: clear with regal red trim, or clear with royal blue trim. Solid colours are also available i.e. no clear panels at all.

The Bikebubble is available with a dedicated 12 Volt power supply or it can be supplied with the Carcoon Power and Charger. This unit both supplies 12DC to power the airflow system and also provides battery management for the bike’s battery. It also supplies fully automatic battery backup (up to 5 days) in the event of any mains power failure.

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