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The EVO Carcoon designed for indoor use and consists of a separate base mat and top cover, simply drive the car onto the base mat place the top cover over the car before zipping the two together, connect the 12volt power supply and inflate. All units come complete with the new Power and Charge System.

The Indoor Carcoon

The Indoor Clear Carcoon is a single skin construction that is available in regal red or royal blue, all four sides are see through.

The Competition Carcoon

The Competition Carcoon is specially designed for single seater racing cars, including Formula 1, as it's shape is designed to take up minimal space for easy storage and cost of usage.

Size Check

Size Check

Please choose your car make and model below to check you have selected the correct size product for your vehicle.

Note: if your car make or model isn't listed, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you of a suitable product size.

Size Guide
Size 2 Carcoon Dimensions: 320cm x 150cm (10'6'' x 4'11'')
Size 3 Carcoon (regular) Dimensions: 425cm x 160cm (14" x 5'3")
Size 3 Carcoon (large) Dimensions: 425cm x 200cm (14' x 6'6")
Size 4 Carcoon Dimensions: 470cm x 200cm (15'5" x 6'6")
Size 5 Carcoon Dimensions: 505cm x 200cm (16'7" x 6'6")
Size 6 Carcoon Dimensions: 560cm x 200cm (18'4" x 6'6")
Size 7 Carcoon Dimensions: 610cm x 200cm 20' x 6'6'')
Size 8 Carcoon Dimensions: 670cm x 200cm (21'10" x 6'6'')
Competition Carcoon Dimensions: 485cm x 200cm (15'9" x 6'6")

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