Outdoor Carcoon (Size 3 Large)


The Outdoor Carcoon is a double-skin construction (a bubble within a bubble) with an insulating air gap between each skin. The base mat is also insulated by using two layers of heavy duty Poly Plax mat with insulating foam between each layer. The material of the outdoor Carcoon is very special, being double alloy coated. The alloy coating provides unrivalled outdoor protection, blocking 99.9% of the damaging Ultra-Violet rays. Any vehicle exposed to UV light for prolonged periods can suffer considerable damage, for example, UV light alone will oxidise even the best paintwork. Once the paint starts to break down, it becomes particularly vulnerable to attack from airborne pollutants such as acid rain etc. Rubber seals are also damaged by UV, the resultant ingress of water rapidly accelerates the rusting process from within.

Importantly, this special alloy coated material (MVCR) also blocks Infra-Red light. Blocking the infra-red (primary heat source) keeps the interior temperature of the Carcoon stable; temperature stability is a very important part of the whole concept. Primary filters are covered, which keeps them dry and protects them from the UV rays.

All units come complete with the new Power and Charge System



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